About Us

Roger Kraus Racing started business in 1972 by selling and servicing race tires at the race tracks in Northern California.

Since then Roger Kraus Racing has serviced every SCCA regional and national race in the local SCCA region. Our company has also serviced Pro Races that include IMSA, Trans Am, Can Am, F-5000, NHRA Drag and Midget races. Roger Kraus also worked at early F-1 and Winston Cup races held in California. We presently service between 22 to 25 races each year. The yearly schedule includes SCCA regionals & nationals, SCCA vintage, CSRG, American Le Mans, Pro Mazda, Historic F-1, Wine Country and the premier Monterey Historic race.

Some race weekends include selling up to 500 tires, our record is over 600 which was done at the 2006 Pro Mazda race. At many races we mount and balance up to 90 more tires than we sell. RKR has serviced races in California, Arizona and Nevada.

The daily operations at Roger Kraus Racing include selling and servicing race, vintage and street tires. We also perform alignments, corner weighting, tire mounting, balancing, tire shaving and tire grooving. We are a full service shop with mechanics on duty. Our services include shocks, brakes, exhaust systems, springs, tune ups, vehicle lowering and performance improvements. RKR has fabrication equipment which includes a mill, two lathes, welders, drill presses, saws, sanders and a large bead blaster. The early afternoon is usually very busy with shipping race tires, vintage tires and tubes world wide.

Roger Kraus Racing has customers in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South America, Canada, Holland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, South Africa, England and Mexico.

As well Roger Kraus and his son Brandon Kraus have extensive automobile racing experience, they are very knowledgeable in helping customers with proper tire choices and car set ups, both are recognized as experts in the racing world.

Pictured Roger Kraus and Son Brandon Kraus