PTH Racing Oil

PTH Racing Oil is formulated with an additive package that includes a high level of ZDDP for anti-wear, with a carefully engineered balance of detergents and mineral additives to protect your engine.  Tech Specs are provided below for each of our oils.

  • High zinc formulation provides excellent wear resistance for high rpm, high compression, flat-tappet and pushrod engines
  • Engineered to provide outstanding protections in racing conditions.
  • Includes friction modifiers to promote maximum horsepower.
  • Anti-foaming characteristics to provide consistent oil supply and surface protection.
PTH oils are tested with benchmark equipment to ensure a consistent high-quality performance product.


Group IV  and Group V Ester Base, 100% Synthetic PAO,
Zinc 2033 ppm, Phosphorus 2037 ppm,
Calcium 3163 ppm


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